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Welcome to Otherworldly...where the creatures you never thought real are real. The humans may not know but there are creatures of all races surrounding them daily. Humans are not alone. Worlds are colliding... the creatures numbers are increasing... Choose your race whether it be Vampire, Werewolf, Witch, Pixie, Fairy, Demon, Mermaid, it doesn't matter pick your fate and join the group. New admin postitions have been added. Welcome the Yin and Yang. All other postions have moved up. Applications are located in the bulletin board.

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 How to RP and Rules Please Read!!!!!

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Character sheet

PostSubject: How to RP and Rules Please Read!!!!!   Mon Nov 23 2009, 13:24

What exactly is Role Playing?
Well first of all role playing is really fun, you get to use your imagination. You get to come up with ideas and people can play off them.

OCC Post
If in a role play you need to explain something to someone you have to do it in parentheses so that others will know that you are no longer role playing what you need to say.

God Modding
God Modding is being someone who you are not playing For example, saying something of someone you are playing off of, you cannot say that someone elses character did something if they did not.
Basically don't do it unless someone asks you personally to be them because they are going on a trip or are ill and cannot get on when they are needed in a role play.

If a role play has not been used in more than 3-4 weeks i will lock it.
Especially if there are more than 30 role plays going on. If some role plays are deleted i will unlock it and you can choose to delete it or get it started again but you will only get 20 days to decide.

Character Sheets
Create a character sheet once someone has started a rp. The usual character sheet looks like this:
Looks: ( can put a pic)

There can be many more things added to character sheets. For example in a rp where characters have powers you could add power: to it. If you want also gender can be added.

Make sure that once the rp is started and the people who have joined it that the creator of the rp puts who everyone is playing on the first post. This way everyone knows where to look if they do not know who everyone's playing.
Creators can either just put the name of the character and who is playing them
or can put the whole character sheet on there first post.

If you have any questions please feel free to PM me or go to the questions forum and post your question there. I promise i will do my best to give you an answer.

Thanks and Enjoy


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How to RP and Rules Please Read!!!!!
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