Humans are not alone in this world...there are far more with them.
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Welcome to Otherworldly...where the creatures you never thought real are real. The humans may not know but there are creatures of all races surrounding them daily. Humans are not alone. Worlds are colliding... the creatures numbers are increasing... Choose your race whether it be Vampire, Werewolf, Witch, Pixie, Fairy, Demon, Mermaid, it doesn't matter pick your fate and join the group. New admin postitions have been added. Welcome the Yin and Yang. All other postions have moved up. Applications are located in the bulletin board.

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 About Sirens

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PostSubject: About Sirens   Wed Dec 30 2009, 05:49

All sirens are female.
Creatures who use there enchanting songs to lure in sailors to the cliffs and send them to there death. The sirens song would cause sailors to forget who they were and where they were going and make them crash into the cliffs or reefs. If sailors swam to the island they would either be devoured by sirens or waste a way listening to the beauty of there sea songs.
It is said that Sirens can symbol death. And if there scream is heard by few, then either themselves or a loved one will soon die depending on how close the scream of the siren was heard.
The term "siren song" refers to an appeal that is hard to resist but that, if heeded, will lead to a bad result.
Lately though, sirens have been using there singing as a lullaby to men to make them quickly fall asleep so they may be killed easier.
Over the years sirens have adapted more to the sea. In ancient times they used to look like a woman's head with a birds body. But now in these times sirens have changed there appearance to resemble closely to mermaids, and keep there home in the ocean.
Some strong sirens have even learned to change between human and there natural form to walk on land among humans and easily find there prey, killing men as they please.


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About Sirens
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