Humans are not alone in this world...there are far more with them.
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Welcome to Otherworldly...where the creatures you never thought real are real. The humans may not know but there are creatures of all races surrounding them daily. Humans are not alone. Worlds are colliding... the creatures numbers are increasing... Choose your race whether it be Vampire, Werewolf, Witch, Pixie, Fairy, Demon, Mermaid, it doesn't matter pick your fate and join the group. New admin postitions have been added. Welcome the Yin and Yang. All other postions have moved up. Applications are located in the bulletin board.

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 About Werewolves

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PostSubject: About Werewolves   Wed Jan 27 2010, 08:26


The word "werewolf" means "manwolf" since wer is the Saxon word for man. Werewolves love to eat babies and corpses. Only silver bullets or arrows can kill a werewolf. After death, a werewolf resumes his human identity.

Sometimes innocent folk suffering from the witchcraft of others, or simply from an unhappy fate, and who, as wolves, behaved in a truly touching fashion, adoring and protecting their human benefactors.

Werewolves have several described weaknesses, the most common being an aversion to wolfsbane (a plant that supposedly sprouted from weeds watered by the drool of Cerberus while he was brought out of the Underworld by Heracles). Unlike vampires, werewolves are not harmed by religious artifacts such as crucifixes and holy water.

Signs of a Werewolf: (Just for fun from Mythical creatures guide)

If you have a friend that acts strangely during a full moon watch out for these signs of a werewolf.
1.if you happen to be in the same room as the suspect on the night of a full moon watch what they are doing if they start to pace and prowl about the room as the sun goes down be careful if they start to walk on all fours RUN.
2. werewolves know they are dangerous and try to get family and friends away if the suspect begs you to leave OBEY the hours before they change werewolves gain acute hearing, animal strength, and a hightened sense of smell.
4.look at the fingernails werewolves have reddish almond shaped nails and may have a nail as hard as the claw of a wolf on their left thumb.
5. Werewolves have very broad hands also look at the third finger if it is unusually long watch out!
6. being a werewolf is exhasting so they are pale and tired looking the day after a full moon
7. werewolves are also very thirsty after a full moon.
8. werewolves have long swinging strides like that of a prowling wolf.
9. and finally a not very helpful russian tip- look under the tounge of the suspect to see if it has bristles but this is not a commen thing and this tip only works if you are brave enough to ask the suspect to open their mouth while you pear in.


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About Werewolves
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