Humans are not alone in this world...there are far more with them.
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Welcome to Otherworldly...where the creatures you never thought real are real. The humans may not know but there are creatures of all races surrounding them daily. Humans are not alone. Worlds are colliding... the creatures numbers are increasing... Choose your race whether it be Vampire, Werewolf, Witch, Pixie, Fairy, Demon, Mermaid, it doesn't matter pick your fate and join the group. New admin postitions have been added. Welcome the Yin and Yang. All other postions have moved up. Applications are located in the bulletin board.

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 About Shapeshifters

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PostSubject: About Shapeshifters   Wed Jan 27 2010, 08:32

Shape Shifters differ from Werewolves in that they transform at will.
Many wizards and witches are or were shape shifters. Most shape
shifters have their normal intelligence and total control over their
actions while in their animal form, another difference from werewolves.
A witchen shape-shifter can become any animal developed by mother
nature, as long as they have former it within their power. Or, they can
shape shift into an actual mystical creature, as long as it is for
real, and not mad up. A limited shape shifter turns into only one
thing. The most common animals that shape shifters
turn into are wolf, bear, minotaur, cat and

(Definition from Mythical creatures guide)


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About Shapeshifters
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