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 The History of Vampires~!

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PostSubject: The History of Vampires~!   Fri Jan 29 2010, 02:14

Vampire's came from a very long time ago. People wrote vampire stories for over 200 years and probably even longer! Dracual is the oldest vampire creation i can think of! Dracula is an 1897 novel by Irish author Bram Stoker, featuring as its primary antagonist the vampire Count Dracula. It was first published as a hardcover in 1897 by Archibald Constable and Co. of the United Kingdom.

Vampire's are immortal creatures who drink off of blood to stay alive. Vampires can smell blood when it is far away and have a problem with contoling themselves with it. Vampires are stronger than humans and much faster, they have better senses. Vampires are told to only be able to come out at night and sleep in a coffin in the day.

They are supposed to have red eyes and be very crule and heartless. It is said that to keep a vampire away you would use garlic or a cross. To kill a vampire you can drive a wooden stake through it's heart or when stepping into sunlight they would burst into flames or turn into ash. It is also said that a vampire cannot be in contact with holy water or it would burn the skin and flesh of the vampire. Some say that a silver bullet or anything silver hits it. It is said that vampires prey on virginal women and can turn into bats as they wish. They say that a vampire cannot be caught on film or be seen in a photo. That is all about to change as you can see from what i have found in many books and movies down below.

In recient times people have been changing the whole idea on vampires. Everyone has there own idea on a vampire now and nothing is the same. In the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer are saying that they shine like a diamond in the sunlight and have golden eyes when they feed on animals. What happened to the red eyes and the can not be in the sun or you turn to ash thing? It is also said that they have venom come out of there fangs to turn a person. Well, wheres that comming from? Venom, interesting.

Then, in the series night world by L.J. smith some say that they can read minds or be born a vampire. Well, what i remember from the older books is that you have to be bitten and then you die and become a vampire. The reading minds? I have no idea. They are supposed to be able to use some kind of mind control i think and fall in love?

In the House Of Night series by er... P.C. Cast, they have changed things so much. It is said that the vampires have no fangs. Vampires have fangs to penatrate the skin and suck the blood out since ancient times- well maybe not ancient times but you get the point. They are also saying that you can heal the wound by licking it and it will heal over or something. They mark you too, you have a mark that gets filled in when you become a full vamp. I don't remember that one ever. Then, they are giving you specail abilites to control the elements and talk to cats and er... see the future in visions. There vamps, not witches or gods! The physical appearence of vampires have changed also. They used to be frightening and scary but now they are making them look stunning and beautiful. This is a different kind of vamp i think though because it is spelled vampyr not vampire. If that makes a difference.

As you can see, the vampires history has changed a lot and still is. About my comments; i was not trying to be rude or offensive of these writers. I actually like there work very much. I am just trying to bring my point across to how the way of the vampire has changed and will keep changing. It went from the famous Dracula to the one and only Edward Cullen. Vampires have been a famous topic in writing fiction for a long time now and has come a long way and probably still will keep going. Here is your history on vampires guys! Hope you liked it!
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The History of Vampires~!
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