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 Opposite Ways

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PostSubject: Opposite Ways   Sat Jan 30 2010, 07:23

Opposite Ways


My grandmother used to tell me that there were two kinds of people in the world. The evil and the good. So which populates the most? Which is it? The question's been repeating itself in my mind. It is evil? Or is it good?

I've processed the thought for two years now. Since i was thirteen. And in that time i've seen a lot. Maybe too much. At least for a thirteen year old. I'm fifteen now and have chosen to attempt to leave my past behind me. But lately that plan has backfired on me. One saying can send the memories back flooding into my mind, sending me into the dark again. So, i've finally come to a conclusion that may work.

~Chapter 1~

Finally, i get to use my own time to pack so i can get the hell out of Dallas, Texas. Don't get me wrong i love Dallas, its just that it holds extremly bad memories for me, and i think leaving would help me forget at least some of them. I'm going to live with my aunt up in Colorado. I love it there, its beautiful. I'm sure the mountains there will help me clear my heada and help get myself together. My Aunts the only one of my family members thats still alive. I've always been connected to her, the way i was to my grandmother.

There's not really anything i'll miss about Texas. Theres only one person i'm counting on missing. She's been my best friend since forever. Cori's stuck with me through some of my toughest times. And now here i was, leaving her behind. I knew she just wanted what was best for me. I also knew that she knew i was unhappy. I just wish she could come with me.

I sighed and stuffed what was left in my dresser in my third suit case. And ended up having to sit on it to close it. I walked to my bathroom and threw all of my make-up, jewlery, and hair products into a big bag. I looked up and stared at myself in the mirror. It seemed like my features never changed. Like i had looked this way two years ago. I always let my long black hair hang over my shoulders, my bangs hanging over my right eye and kept my make-up semi-light. I know, i don't sound like the typical Texas cowgirl and your right i'm not. But i sure do have the accent. which i know is going to be made funof in my new school in Colorado. But in some ways i think having the accent is better than having the accent and looking like a country girl. But thats just me. A lots changed me in the past, thus who i am today.

I took in some air, let my cheeks puff out and let my air go. I shut the light off, took one last look at my empty bathroom and turned to walk away dragging my bag with me. I set it down next to my suit cases and bags and plopped onto my coverless, sheetless, pillowless bed. My room was now empty except for my bed, dresser, and desk which would all be left here. Apparently my aunt had it all covered and already had my room set up.

I heard a car honk and looked out the window to see a yellow cab that sat in the driveway. I huffed and began dragging my suit cases down the stairs and out to the trunk of the cab. Once i got the last things out of my room i stared into the half empty room, sighed and turned the light off. I walked down the stairs and stopped when a short old lady with gray hair stepped in front of me. She had a few tears trickling down the side of her cheek. I gave her a faint smile and hugged her tightly. " I'll miss you so much, thank you for everything."

She sniffled and held my face in her hands and kissed my cheeks." Non, merci tu as aimable!" (No thank you, you were pleasant.) " J'adore tu tres beacoup!" (I love you very much!)

I smiled and hugged her one last time. I would miss her a lot. I took my smaller bag in my hand and wlaked out to the cab. My eyes wondered back to the women, my nanny. Because of her i was fluent in french. Although i will admit i sound funny speaking it because of my accent. I waved to her one last time and looked at the driver. " To the airport please."

The driver nodded and pulled easily out of the long curved driveway.
I stared out the window abscentmindedly, and right then i wished the driver would have taken a different route to the airport. We were passing everything i was saying goodbye to. My school, Cori's house, the football stadium, the supermarket where i used to work with my second family. It was all passing by me.

Suddenly. i felt like the drive to the airport was extremly short. I wanted to just turn around and go back in a circle to see everything again. But i knew i couldn't i would miss my flight, and i was still semi-excited to go to Colorado. I just didn't want to leave anything behind. I would take everything i had if i could. And i wanted to more than anything at this point.

I paid the cab driver and loaded my suit cases and bags onto a cart. The airport seemed so small from the outside, but once i was inside it seemed like it never ended. I took a deep breath and pushed the cart out in front of me. My ticket sat in the pocket of my jacket. I came to the first check in and unloaded the cart of my bags and onto a conveyer belt that took them away. I went through security and ended up having to go through it twice because of all the piercings in my left ear. I finally got through, found gate 28 and was right on time. There was a crowd in front of the doors that led to the plane. I followed behind, joining at the back of the group. I took a deep breath when the plane entered the runway, as soon as we were high in the air, my heart pounded with a sudden adrenaline rush and all i wanted to do was be off the plane back at home running around the football field.

I couldn't wait to get off the plane. I waited restless for the whole front half of the plane to load off. I had my jacket balled in my hand and my small bag in my other hand ready to dash off as soon as i got the chance. I was an extremly impatient person, and i knew for one that i needed to work on that.

Finally i got my chance and took off from my seat. Sure enough as soon as i got all of my suit cases and headed to the meeting area, a dark skinned women with a pure white smile, and a tall shaped body stood waiting. I smiled and quickled dashed towards her. " Aunt Judy!'

She looked around meeting my eyes and smled. I pushed my cart and luggage to the side and ran into her arms glad to see her.

She laughed as she hugged me and rubbed my back. " I'm so glad your finally here Ellie."

I smiled. " Yeah me too."

She pulled back and looked at my cart. " Did you bring enough stuff?" she laughed.

I shrugged. " I tried not to bring everything."

She laughed and put one of her arms around my shoulders and walked with me as i pushed the cart. I barely came up to her shoulders. " Gawd, i missed your accent."

I laughed. " You'll be sick of it by next week."

She made a funny face. " I'm sure i won't"

We came to her SUV and she opened the back. " Guess it's a good thing i brought this car huh."

I nodded. But even with the SUV some of my stuff had to sit in the back seat.
The first ten minutes in the car were quiet until my aunt cleared her throat. " So... how have you been?"

I barely heard her, i lost myself in the beauty of the mountains

She waved her hand in front of my face.

I shook my head and looked at her with a confused expression. " Huh?"

" How have you been?"

" I've been...okay i guess." i said hesitating. My heart pounded as memories already started to flood my mind. I shrugged. " Anyhow, how bout yourself?"

She grinned a bit keeping her eyes on the road.
" I've been great. Randy moved in a few months ago, he helped me get your room settled last week. I'm sure you'll love it."

I tore my gaze away from the mountains to look at her. " I'm sure i will, you've always known what i like." i smiled.

We passed a few places i knew from coming here before. Like Cottonwood Park, Garden of the Gods, my grand-mothers old office, the skate park. All the places brought back good memories... for once.
I unbuckled my seatbelt when we pulled up into the driveway of my aunts house. Home sweet home. At least thats how it would hopefully be for the next three years when i'm old enough to live on my own.

My aunt got out and i followed behind taking a good stretch. The stretch didn't last very long as Randy came running out to hug me. I jumped from the suprise. He patted my back still hugging me. " Hey kiddo, so glad your finally here."

" too." i chocked out trying to breathe.

" Hunny ease up and let her breathe."

Thanks Judy I thought as Randy let go of me with a cheesy smiled. " Sorry kiddo."

Akward silence.

I rocked back on my heels, my hands in my pockets, mey eyes wandering down to the ground.

Randy cleared his throat(a habit he obviously got from my aunt) " So let's get you settled eh."

I nodded. He was nice, been with my aunt for at least two years. I never really noticed his features before though. He was tall, muscular, dark skinned and had chocolate eyes.

He grabbed two of my biggest suit cases, while my aunt took the two smaller ones. I grabbed my last suit case and my two smaller bags and followed them into the house.

I felt like i was smacked in the face with a scented candle. Immediatly my nose was filled with the smell of cinnamon. Nothing like home at all which was a good thing. I let the scent fill my lungs, enhaling deeply. Not only was the scent great, but it matched the warm tone that most of the house was in. I lugged my bags up the stairs and halted at the top almost running into my aunt.

Randy had his hand on the door knob of a door and was smiling. " Well Ellie, what do you think of your room?" he turned the knob and pushed the door open. he stepped out of the way while i walked forward.

My aunt knew me well. A bright blue filled the walls of the room, with lime green circle accents. The bed covers were the opposite of the walls, lime green with bright blue polka dots. The white bed and white dresser took up the whole side of the room while the desk and a love seat took up the other. It had a walk an attached bathroom and a walk in closet.

He laughed and started pushing the swing again. " You sure will." he said mocking my accent.

I stuck my tongue out at him and jumped off the swing when it was high enough. I laughed when i slipped and fell into the rocks. I sat there laughing not even bothering to get up.

Jason rushed over and kneeled in front of me. " Are you okay?" he took my hands in his and scanned over them making sure there were no scrapes.

I laughed even more at his worried expression. " Yes, yes i'm fine."

He pulled me up off the ground.

I dusted myself off and smiled. " Really i'm fine calm down."

He stared at me his eyes wandering to my elbow. He sighed. " no your not."

" Huh?"

He took my arm gently in his hands and turned my arm a bit to look at my elbow more clearly.

I looked at it, a cut ran around the bone part of my elbow. " Good lord." i muttered. " Well, it dosen't hurt." I paused. " That much."

He shook his head. " Same old Ellie. Come on we better go gt you cleaned up."

I rolled my eyes. " Good lord."

He took my hand and pulled me with him back to my aunts house.

" I really am fine. Its just a tiny cut." i tried to asure him as we came into the house.

Judy looked at me, " What happened?"

" Clutz over here got a war wound." Jason said before i could say anything.

" I'm fine!" i protested.

Judy shook her head. " I'll get the first aid kit."

I sighed as Jason sat me down in the chair.

He wetted some wash cloths and cleaned off the cut.

I stared at him almost glaring.

When he looked up at me he smiled like he was proud of himself.

Judy came back and set the kit on the table. " So how are ya Jason?" pulling up a chair to sit beside me.

He opened the kit and pulled out a bottle and some cotton balls. " I've been good for the most part. How bout yourself? " he asked as he began wiping the cut.

I flinched at the stinging but was obviously out of the conversation.

Judy handed him a bandage. " I've been fantastic."

He smiled and taped the bandage to my arm. " Thats good."

My foot started tapping impatiently. " Well if ya'll are done now."

" You so impatient." he said handing the kit back to Judy.

She laughed as she walked away.

" I'm really okay." i said stretching my arm out.

" Well now you are."

I rolled my eyes. " Good lord i've been with you for not even an hour and you've already had to bandage me up."

He laughed. " Don't worry, by the end of the week you'll be covered in em."

" Your probably right."

He stood up pulling me with him into a hug. " I better get going, i'll see ya tomorrow?"

I nodded, inhaling his toxic sweet scent.

He smiled and pulled my head up to look at him. " You still got my number right?"

I smiled and nodded.

" Good, txt me."

He pulled away and waved as he went out the door.

I closed it behind him and leaned against the back of the door. My heart pounding in my ears. It was amazing at how mature and romantic he was. He certainly wasn't like like three years ago. Amazing how time can change a person... I thought about it until Judy came around the corner and stared at me with a confused look.

" You okay?" she asked walking closer.

I stood up straight. " Yeah, yeah I'm great." i started walking towards the stairs. " Well night." i said abruptly and bounded up the stairs into my room. I sat on my bed and stared out the window. The sun was gone, the moon taking its place the stars filling the sky.


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PostSubject: Re: Opposite Ways   Sat Jan 30 2010, 07:24 of chapter 1 >_<

My heart still pounded. When did Jason ever make the change from chasing me around the park and laughing when i fell and got a scrape to becoming a gentlemen and making sure i was okay. I felt my cheeks get hotter as i thought about it. I was mad that i had missed that turning point in his life. And yet in a way i wasn't, because i got to experience the new him first hand. There was no lie that i missed him. I missed him like crazy. And now i miss him even more even though its just for the night. It's amazing how attached i got to him in just one hour. How did i ever go back to Texas? But surely I'm not the only girl who's gotten attached to him. Anyone would be crazy not to date him. But could i date him? One of my best friends. I shook my head frustrated with myself. I was confused; no doubt about that. My train of thought was again disrupted when my phone vibrated.
I rummaged through the pile of electronics on my desk until i found my phone twisted up with the wire earphones to my ipod. I untangled it and looked at the screen on my phone. A small smile formed at the corners of my mouth. The txt blinked Jason.
Thats all it said. A simple hey. Yet that was all i needed. Guess he couldn't wait until i txted him first. I slide my phone open and replied.
Hey yourself

We ended up txting into the A.M. hours. I made him talk mostly about himself, i told him all i wanted to tell him when i was with him earlier. I asked the standard questions. What was new with him? How his family was? About some of his friends? and of course the most important question that i had been dying to know. Did he have someone?
Of course i was relieved when he said no. He asked me the same question and when i said no also he sent a smilie face.
The covers on my bed were scattered my phone was next to my pillow near the edge of the bed. I stretched my back, and rubbed my eyes blinking them open. I yawned, turning my head to look at the clock. It was ten thirty. Surprise, surprise. " good lord" i mumbled sitting up and stretching my back again.
I grabbed my phone and slide it open.
Good morning Smile
I set my phone down and my head plopped back down on my pillow. I stared up at the ceiling and yawned. My phone vibrated.
Morning, sleep ok?
For the most part,u?
I rubbed my eyes again as i fully sat up and hung my legs over the side of the bed. My back cracked as i stretched it...again. My ears pricked at the sound it made. I took a few deep breaths and squinted my eyes when i turned my gaze to look out the bright window.
Same meet me for lunch?
I blinked confused.
Y the park?
Just meet me at 12 k Smile
Uh, ok
I looked at the clock again. Ten-forty. I sighed and hopped off my bed. Thankfully i didn't have to leave my room, my bathroom was hooked onto the room. Just like back home. Same with my awesome walk in closet. Though it looked empty because my things only occupied half of it.
I wasn't going to dress any differently than i usually do. Just normal and casual. I picked my favorite light faded jeans and a long short sleeved light blue top. I wasted no time in getting into the shower, letting the hot, steaming water flow over my body. I wrapped a long towel around myself and got out. Great, the one thing that annoyed me. The mirror was engulfed in fog. I sighed and ran my hand along it making a circle around my face so i could see myself. I turned on my blow dryer and dried my hair. With a round brush i dried my bangs so they had some volume to them rather than being flat. I layered the top and bottom of my eye with a thin line of black eyeliner and brushed my teeth. By the time i finished the mirror was no longer fogged. I took one last look at myself before shutting the light off and walking out.
I bounded down the stairs into the living room where Judy was sitting watching some soap that apparently was in Spanish. " Good morning." i said as i came down to the last step.

She looked at me and smiled before turning back to look at the t.v. " Good morning"

I raised an eyebrow as i looked at the t.v. " You know Spanish?"

She shrugged. " No, but i understand whats going on."

" Oh."

" Did you want some breakfast?"

" No i'm just gonna grab a snack. I'm meeting Jason for lunch in a bit."

She turned away from the t.v. to look at me.

" What?"

She shook her head. " Nothing."

"...okay?" i said unsure as i walked into the kitchen. I grabbed a Honey Nut Special K bar and munched on it as i looked at the clock. Eleven forty-five. I shrugged and walked back through the living room. " Well i'll see ya later."

" Okay have fun." Judy said giving a dismissive waving hand.
I opened the front door and was hit by the soft, cool breeze. I took it in for a few moments before stepping into the open.
Naturally i tripped a few times over the raised parts of the sidewalk. Figures, i could trip over air. Good lord. The park came into sight and i saw Jason sliding down the slide that was smaller than he was. I stopped a few feet away and clapped when he ended up on the ground.

He looked up startled and waved. " Hey there!"

" Having fun?"

He nodded with a smile on his face.

I started to walk over to him, he met me in the middle and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. " You ready to get some grub?" he asked.

I nodded with a smile. " Where are we going?"

" You'll see." he smiled leading me away from the park.

I followed him at his side, we walked on the sidewalk out of the neighborhood. When we got to the stop light i looked at Jason questioningly. " Now i really want to know where were going."

He smirked and lead me quickly across when the walk sign turned on. " Don't worry about it."

" I'm worrying about it." I said stumbling over the sidewalk.

He chuckled under his breath and kept leading me down the street. " Are you still worrying about it?"

I looked up and stuck my tongue out at him knowing he was mocking me.

He gave me a cheesy grin and walked me into a diner. I started to recognize where we were. I started laughing as we sat in a table in the back corner.

" That was the reaction i was hoping to get." he said sitting across from me.

I smiled at him and looked around the sixties diner. " It feels like ages since i've been here."

" Me too, i haven't come here since i last came here with you."

I looked at him with a raised eyebrow. " Why not?"

He shrugged. " I don't know. It just didn't feel right without you."

" Oh," i blushed and started looking around again. I felt his eyes still on me but was glad when a waitress stepped in front of my view. I looked up at her.

She had bouncy red curls at the side of her face and a light smile at the corners of her mouth. " Welcome to 1960, can i get ya'll somethin to drink?"

" I'll have a Hawaiian smoothie." i said with a smile ordering what i always got when i came here.

Jason looked at her. " I'll have the chocolate shake."

The waitress nodded jotting down in her notebook, she walked away.

I looked back at Jason. " Keeping tradition much?"

" Your one to talk."

I rolled my eyes. " I have an excuse, there's no 1960's down in Texas." i twanged.

He put his hands up palms forward like he was surrendering. " Okay, okay." he smiled.

I smiled back. We didn't even have to look at the menu's. When i came to visit we pretty much came here everyday.

" So how's everything at your aunts?" he asked.

" Great, my rooms amazin there."

The waitress came and set the drinks on the table. " Are you ready to order?"

" Yeah i'll take the 60's Burger, nothing but cheese and ketchup on it please."

The waitress nidded and jotted that down. She looked to Jason. " How bout you?"

" I'll have the Big Bang Burger."

The waitress jotted that down and looked at us with a smile. " I'll have that right out for ya'll."

Jason and I both nodded. I stirred my smoothie and took a large sip of it. I winced when i got a brain freeze.

Jason shook his head. " Same o, same o."

I clenched my jaw trying to get rid of it and glared at him.

He gave a cheesy smile and a double thumbs up looking like a lil kid ready to go into there first game room.

I rolled my eyes dramatically and smiled. " You look like an idiot."

" And yet here you are out in public with me."

I sighed and propped my elbow onto the table. " I had no choice you dragged me here."

He grinned. " Why yes i did."

" But i'm glad you did."

" Well good, I would have got you here sometime soon anyway." he shrugged.

" I know you would have."

" Well that's good you know." he grinned. " Do you know what i have planned next?"

My eyebrow raised slightly as i stared at him. " Uh, no i don't know what you have planned next. Are you going to tell me?"

" Nope." he said quickly taking a sip of his shake.

I frowned at him. " Well why not?"

" I have my reasons."

" I doubt there good reasons." I mumbled and took a large sip of my smoothie.

He chuckled under his breath. " Why are you so frustrated?"

" I'm not frustrated." i replied in a strained tone.

" Your a bad liar Ellie." he chuckled.

I rolled my eyes. " I'm sorry i'll work on that."

" You should" he grinned.

Our food came and we both helped ourselves. We both savored the burgers since we both haven't been here in a long time. I went through two more glasses of smoothies by the time we finished our burgers.

Jason leaned back in the booth stretching out his stomach. " That hit the spot."

I smiled and mimicked him leaning back. " I'll say."

The waitress came over with a smile and picked up our plates and dropped off the bill.

As soon as she was gone Jason and i looked at each other. We both had a look that said, " Its on" At the same time we both quickly reached for the bill. Both of us grasped onto each side of it.

" Let me pay." i said through clenched teeth struggling to keep a hold of the bill.

" No, coming here was my idea." he said with a smirk having no trouble at all at holding the bill.

" So!" I said raising my voice slightly.

" Ellie." Jason said simply in a challenging but serious tone.

" No." i said using the same tone he had. I imagined what we looked like to the few people that were starring at us. Probably like two kids fighting over the last pop sickle.

" Ellie." Jason said again impatience in his voice.

I grinned i was going to win. I knew it.

Jason sighed. " Your not going to win." he said as if he could read my mind.

I gave him a look. " Oh really."

He smirked and gave one final tug pulling the bill out of my hands. " Really." he said grinning.

I frowned and crossed my arms glaring at him. " That's not fair."

" Is too." he said putting some cash into the bill and handing it to the waitress.

I huffed making my bangs fly up.

" Your so dramatic."

I glared at him. " Your so observant."

He smiled and left a few bucks on the table. " Your just jealous." he said getting up. He gave his hand out to me.

I stuck my tongue out at him and took his hand getting up from the both. " Yeah, i'm so jealous."

He chuckled under his breath and we both walked out of the diner. " Where to now jealousy?"

I looked up at him. " You did not just call me that."

" I think i just did." he smiled putting his arm around me.

I sighed and leaned into him forgetting that i wasn't actually dating him. I just felt so comfortable with him that i forgot. Anyway he didn't seem to mind. He even tightened his grip around my shoulders.
We walked down the street looking like a happy couple. I could imagine it. But could he?


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PostSubject: Re: Opposite Ways   Sat Jan 30 2010, 07:25

~Chapter 2~

" Hey Jason!" called a high pitched girly voice.

I cringed at the annoying sound. I felt Jason freeze at my side. I looked up at him where an annoyed look stood on his face.
He turned around slowly with me still in his grasp. So i had no choice but to turn with him.
A girl with long blond hair, wearing running shorts, shoes, and a tank top was running towards us. She stopped a few feet away and looked strait at Jason not even noticing me.

" Hey Jason what you up to?" she asked in her high pitched tone. She finally followed the position of his right arm and looked at me. " Oh, uh hi who are you?" she asked looking me up and down. Obviously judging me.

" This is Ellie." Jason replied for me.

" Ellie?" she asked sounding as if she was unsure what Jason had really said.

He nodded. " Yeah she just moved here, she'll be going to our school."

" Oh, uh, cool. I'm Mini. " She said coming closer with her hand out to me.

" Uh, nice to meet you." I said taking her hand and shaking it. I let go and looked up at Jason.

He just shrugged.

" So what are you guys up to?"

Jason looked away from me for a moment to Mini then back to me. " We were just heading to the...mall."

My eyebrow rose at him. Why the mall?

Mini flipped her hair and grinned. " Oh really sounds fun. Maybe i'll see you guys there."

" Yeah maybe." Jason said sounding completely uninterested. Which made me feel better.

Mini grinned not even noticing his tone. " Well i'll see you guys later then. I'm going to finish my run."

Jason nodded as he moved me out of the way as Mini took off past us running.

I watched as she ran away, her hair bouncing behind her. " She seems...nice."

Jason shrugged. " Yeah she's...pretty hyper."

For some reason that's not all i think he would have said. But it was all he said. It was completely obvious she liked him. And was jealous that i was with him. I was so lost in though picturing possibilities, that i didn't realize we had started walking again. The opposite way Mini had gone. We were heading back in the direction of the diner. I looked up at Jason. " Change of plans?"

" Sort of, but not really. Same concept of what we were going to do."

I raised an eyebrow. " So are you going to tell me what we were going to do now?"

A smirk formed on the sides of his mouth. " Nope."

I frowned. " Well why not?"

" Cause were still going to do what we were going to do...sort of."

" Say what?" i said with an extremely confused expression on my face.

He chuckled. " Just don't worry about it."

" I will worry about it. I'm curious!"

He shook his head amused. " I see that."

" I am!" i agreed.

He chuckled again. " Curiosity can harm a Texas girl."

" That made no sense!" i twanged.

He grinned. " It makes perfect sense."

I crossed my arms irritated.

He chuckled and tightened his grip on my shoulders. " Aw come on Ellie." he smiled and looked down at me.

I smiled it was hard to stay mad at him.

" That's my girl." he said shaking my shoulders lightly.

My girl? Was he being serious. Not that that wasn't okay. I have no problem being his. I want to be his girl. This moment was perfect.
Yes i know i was rambling quite a bit. But seriously! His girl?! Talk about a dream come true. I mean have you seen him?! Not only is he cute but he's sweet and romantic! That's an A++ in my book.
As we walked i stared up at him. I wanted to just tell him how i felt about him. But something told me that was a dumb idea. I mean it could just be that were really close friends and that's probably all he felt between us. Though it killed me to even think of that possibility.

" I'm really glad your here Ellie. I missed you." he said looking down at me.

I was still gazing up at him when he looked down at me. I felt my dace getting hot as i began to blush. I locked my gaze with his. " Same here." i smiled glad that even came out as what i wanted it to.

He took no time in smiling back. His grip tightened around my shoulders pulling me even closer to him.

I looked back to where we were heading hoping to get some idea as to where we were going. I wasn't the person for surprises. All i could see were cars, cars, some trees, cars, a large metal fence and more cars.
I let my fingertips brush against the metal fencing. " Where are we going Jason."

He chuckled and looked down at me. " Ellie, Ellie, Ellie, patience." he said shaking my shoulders.


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PostSubject: Re: Opposite Ways   

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Opposite Ways
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